TF Cornerstone-owned building in Hell’s Kitchen collapses


Partial building collapse at 642 West 57th Street in Hell’s Kitchen (credit: FDNY)

UPDATED, 7:50 p.m., Feb. 25: A three-story Hell’s Kitchen building owned by TF Cornerstone partially collapsed this afternoon while it was being demolished. At least one person, a construction worker on the site at 642 West 57th Street and 11th Avenue, was injured, according to DNAinfo and other news reports.

Firefighters used drilling equipment to examine the damage done to the property. Rubble from the collapse damaged a school bus parked nearby, according to the website.

The outer shell prematurely collapsed around 2:30 p.m. The construction worker was taken to the hospital, officials said. Sixteen workers were in the process of taking the building down.

“Site safety is always our first priority as it relates to construction, and we are cooperating fully with all relevant authorities to try to determine what caused this occurrence,” a spokesperson for TF Cornerstone said in a statement.

Just yesterday, a construction worker at the Barclays Center was crushed to death by falling steel beams, as previously reported. [DNAinfo]Mark Maurer


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